More good news for Rogers customers: upcoming handset release details

When it rain in Canada, it pours in Canada. Our ninja just came back with news about a few more handsets making their way to Rogers in the near future. Some we already know about and some we’ve been waiting for all too long, but there are definitely a few tasty morsels in there. Oh hi, preliminary iPhone launch details… Hit the jump for the skinny.

  • LG Rumor 2 (Solo Mobile) — ETA: May 25th, outright: $160.00, 2-year contract: $75.00
  • Sony Ericsson C905 — ETA: May 19th (delayed), outright: $449.99, 3-year contract: $249.99 ($299.99 without Rogers Vision)
  • HTC Dream — ETA: June 2nd (limited quantity, availability will increase by June 12th), outright: $649.99, 3-year contract: $199.99
  • HTC Magic — ETA: June 2nd, outright: $649.99, 3-year contract: $199.99
  • Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 — ETA: June 30th (barring additional delays), outright: TBD ($649 – $749), 3-year: $299.99 (will launch at $249.99)
  • iPhone — ETA: unknown (July/August), outright: not allowed, 3-year: TBD

Of note, Rogers will launch the new iPhone on the same day that it lifts off here in the US. Purchases will be limited to one iPhone per customer on opening day and there will be active demos on display in stores. Also of note, Rogers expects to have substantially more iPhones on hand this time around so as not to run into the same stock issues as with the iPhone 3G launch. Excited?

Thanks, G!

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