Schiller to lead the way at Apple’s WWDC keynote

It’s official. Many expected Steve Jobs to use the WWDC keynote and impending new iPhone announcement to make his triumphant return to the helm but as it turns out, that won’t be the case. Instead, the man who would be king, Phillip Schiller, will be leading the way come June 8th according to a release this morning from Apple. The company’s senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing has been up to the task before and while he doesn’t quite give off the same “president of the cool kids club” vibe as Stevo, he has done a fine job. Whether or not he will do the honors and unveil Apple’s next iPhone and/or notebook/netbook/tablet remains to be seen. Will Jobs be the “one more thing” and emerge from behind a curtain holding the new iPhone while Mamma Said Knock You Out blares over the sound system? Ok, probably not… But he might still show up.


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