Windows Marketplace for Mobile opens its doors, and windows, to devs… again

All right file in, ever-patient Windows Mobile developers. If you’ve managed to stick with ole’ faithful this long without jumping ship to a trendier, flashier platform, the light at the end of the tunnel is finally coming into focus. Maybe. Microsoft has now officially opened its doors for Windows Marketplace for Mobile developer registration, again. We’re a bit confused here because as far as we know, registration has been open since the beginning of the month. Maybe MS means international devs can now register? Perhaps, but several developers outside the States are still reporting difficulties with the registration process. Whatever the case may be, if you’re a WinMo dev who hasn’t jumped on board yet you should. Now the only thing left is to give this bad boy a nickname. Windows Marketplace for Mobile is quite the mouth full and doesn’t have nearly the same flow as App Store or App World. So what do you guys think we should call it? WMM? WinMaMo? MarkFoMob? Hmm. We’ll keep working on this and get back to you.

[Via Windows Mobile Team Blog]


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