Amazon Kindle 2 gets some ColorWare love

Ok ColorWare fans, it’s time to get your e-book on. Forget about the massive Kindle DX for the time being, as ColorWare has just added the increasingly popular Kindle 2 to its roster of kit begging for some high-quality color-customization. There are a total of 11 separate areas on the Kindle 2 ready for various combinations of ColorWare’s 35 different color choices. We opted to stick with our favorite colors as you can see above, but feel free to get as crazy as you like. Considering how popular the Kindle line has become, this is definitely the best way to separate yourself from the pack while you fight through Oprah’s next recommendation at the beach this Summer. As always, you have the option of sending in your current Kindle 2 (starting at $199) or purchasing one new (starting at $599).


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