More fail, less Epix; major bug plagues another ATT / Samsung handset

Ahh the Samsung Impression. It’s arguably the sexiest feature phone AT&T carries right now, with its 3.2-inch WQVGA AMOLED touchscreen, slide out QWERTY, 3 megapixel camera, HTML Web browser and plenty more. Specs aside however, the Impression appears to be the next victim in a still-forming line of Samsung handsets from AT&T stricken with severe bugs. First was the Epix, which was plagued with freezes until a patch fixed the random error and brought on uncontrollable crashes. Next up, the Samsung Impression. If a user enables T9 and then types the letter “I” followed by a space, the handset will crash immediately. “I” of course, happens to be a pretty common letter to be followed by a space. Now, we all know that every phone has bugs. All of them. The issue here is the severity of the bugs plaguing Samsung handsets that available from AT&T. We’re talking about consistent freezing and crashing here, not a random blip or glitch that is easy to pass over. We love the direction Samsung is headed lately on the hardware side of things, but we sincerely hope the combination of Samsung and AT&T doesn’t turn out to spell continued problems where quality control is concerned.

Thanks, Amir!


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