T-Mobile’s Walmart roadmap: the wrap up

It’s been quite an interesting afternoon wouldn’t you say? We started things off with a brand new launch date for the BlackBerry 8520, flipped it up and saw the T-Mobile G1 v2 for the first time, said hey, hey, hey to this Sony Ericcson CS8 cameraphone, and moseyed on over to the T-Mobile G2. There’s other interesting things like the Sony Ericsson Elle launching in October for free, and an odd looking Samsung QWERTY clamshell called or codenamed the XO launching in August for $38. Here’s all the stuff we unveiled earlier:

T-Mobile’s Walmart roadmap: BlackBerry 8520 launching in July?

T-Mobile’s Walmart roadmap: T-Mobile G1 v2

T-Mobile’s Walmart roadmap: Sony Ericsson CS8 hitting in September

T-Mobile’s Walmart roadmap: T-Mobile G2 with a surprise

Pictures of the slides as well as the new stuff are after the break. Have a good weekend folks! There’s a BGR writer meetup and you’re not invited. Sorry!

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