TetherBerry for Mac enters (semi) public beta

Back in March we gave you an extensive hands on review of a great little BlackBery app called TetherBerry. In short, TetherBerry allows you to connect your compatible BlackBerry handset to your Windows-based computer via USB in order to share your cellular data connection with your PC. The nice thing about it of course, is that you can tether without the need for pricey monthly plan add-ons from your carrier. Until recently the application was only available for Windows users and a select few taking part in the private Mac OS X beta. Fret not however, as TetherBerry is ready to take its OS X app to the next level as of this morning. Though it will still technically be in private beta, Mac users can now head over to the Mac beta page and sign up for an invite. There may be a bit of a waiting list but hey, at least you’ll be one step closer to getting your Mac/BlackBerry tethering on…


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