The Greatness of Racing Arcade Games

Millions of fans cant be wrong! One of the best forms of entertainment going is racing and what better way to capture the true nature of racing is by staying at home and playing one of the older racing arcade games such as Daytona 500, remember that?

Daytona 500 was a big success, and is regarded as not only one of the greatest driving games of all time, but the greatest arcade games of all time, in the 1990s and can still be found online.

Playing games online is much more active than sitting there passively watching TV. Log on to go back in time and get playing again!

There are so many bad options for home entertainment now with varying degrees of skills required. Many are violent, many you spend hours playing. Many are critcized by press and parents alike.

The older games were relatively free from this kind of criticism. They are interesting, fun, entertaining and can be praised for their ability to develop hand-eye coordination and critical thinking skills.

There are so many online options to choose from that its hard to even get an idea of where to start.

You can play by yourself or challenge someone else to an online race. There are so many games you can come back time after time to beat your score and knock others off the leader board.

Joining these free sites usually dont require you to download any additional software or unzip any potentially dangerous files so put the pedal to the metal and have some racing fun!

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