Maemo 5 Beta SDK is now ripe for the picking

Nokia’s Internet Tablets haven’t exactly been a massive success on the user adoption front but Nokia isn’t one to give up. While the company did recently bail on the latest iteration of its N810 tablet, we know the Finnish giant was just looking to distance itself from WiMAX. Nokia is most definitely still cooking up a new tablet sequel and now developers can get a taste of its beta OS — as of this afternoon, the Beta SDK for Maemo 5 is available to all for downloading. Notable additions beyond the alpha release include:

  • HSPA data connectivity support
  • A new version of Modest, the open source email app
  • High definition camera support (still capture and video capture)
  • OMAP3 processor support
  • Hardware-based graphics acceleration support
  • Widget development support

The bad news? Maemo 5 will reportedly not run on older N800 and N810 model tablets, only future offerings. Anyone excited for a new Nokia IT with a fresh new OS?

Thanks, Luke!

[Via Brighthand]


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