AT&T pits Pre against iPhone 3G in internal doc

However odd it may seem that a company would issue internal talking points comparing the iPhone 3G to a handset that hasn’t even been released, it looks like that’s just what AT&T has done — according to a report at least. An alleged leaked internal document obtained by Pre Central suggests AT&T is in the midst of circulating a comparison chart that pits Palm’s upcoming Pre against AT&T’s lord and savior, the iPhone 3G. The doc runs down a variety of categories and explains why Apple’s handset trumps the Pre in all of them. If you’re one of those analysts participating in the current round of “Palm Pre is doomed” projections, it looks like AT&T might disagree with you — why else would they be prepping employees to fight Pre fever a month ahead of the handset’s launch? Hit the jump for a bigger shot of the slide.


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