Exposed: 3 WoW Gold Training Tips

From the moment you start a new character in WoW, you can start accumulating gold – it’s not something that only more advanced characters can focus on. Below I will reveal 3 secrets to keep in mid when trying to increase your gold.

1. Select Gathering Professions

If you choose profession such as Jewelmaking, Blacksmithing, Enchanting or Inscription you’ll most likely end up spending thousands and thousands over the course of levelling. They are great once they have been levelled up but it’s very expensive and takes a lot of time and energy to get there.

Mining, Herbalism and Skinning are much easier and more affordable professions. You can find a lot of the things you need just through questing. You can also sell these items in the Auction House if you want to.

Herbalism’s popularity as a profession has skyrocketed ever since the launch of Inscriptions with WOTLK. Low level herbs like Earthroot and Peacebloom can now be sold for a unproportionally high 10 – 30 gold per stack.

By the time I had reached level 10, I already had 90g purely due to Herbalism.

2. Some items can be bought from vendors for the purpose of resale.

You’ll find that some of these items are a bit out of the way for low level players. Another way you can benefit is to buy these items in the Auction House and then choose to resell them using an Alt. One such item is the first aid training book.

You’ll find that in some realms you can easily sell these items for 5 times the purchase price.

3. Take up Cooking as soon as possible.

Cooking is a great profession to have because it works extremely well with questing. You can collect meats you need to level up easily when doing quests. You’ll also end up saving a lot of money because you’ll never need to buy food or water. Farming and Grinding also become much easier when you have Cooking as a profession.

Don’t think about gold farming purely as killing creatures to get gold and items. Think about how you can use your profession to cash in on the benefits of questing. By doing this you’ll be much richer in the long run.

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