Nokia Aeon concept phone hits the big screen with a lead role

We know Nokia loves showing off its wares in movies and music videos but it looks like the Finnish handset slinger may have taken its obsession with film to the next level. Forget brief cameos like The Dark Knight and others — Nokia’s concept handset, the Nokia Aeon, apparently takes center stage as the star of the recently-released Echelon Conspiracy film. Don’t worry, we’ve never heard of it either. An unreleased, unbranded device that looks remarkably like Nokia’s green full-touch concept phone is a key element of the film’s complex plot however, and it looks ridiculously slick. Sure the phone in the film packs a feature or two that you might not find in a release version, but its appearance probably means one of two things: 1) Nokia might actually be thinking of releasing the handset someday. 2) The film called for a crazy concept device that would never reach market and Nokia pitched the Aeon. The later is more likely of course, but it can’t hurt to dream, right? Hit the jump for a shot to remind you what Nokia’s Aeon concept looks like, and then check out the Echelon Conspiracy Trailer. Looks like a nail-biter.


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