BlackBerry Storm 2 with Wi-Fi and a new screen

SlashGear reported on a rumor they heard about the next generation BlackBerry Storm launching with Wi-Fi on Verizon Wireless. We’ve been able to confirm that rumor a pretty long while ago, so yes, the Storm 2 will launch on Verizon with Wi-Fi. SlashGear was correct in their report and it’s 100% confirmed. Something not reported though, and now confirmed to us by two independent sources, is the new screen tech involved. We’re told that it improves the screen enormously and makes typing really pleasurable. Better yet? You can leave it to RIM to come up with the dumbest names possible because we heard they’re ditching SurePress and calling this one TruePress. Don’t take that as fact, but it is interesting that both our sources had mentioned the same thing to us. So, the BlackBerry Storm 2 will launch with Wi-Fi and a brand new screen technology, and, if we were a betting bunch we’d wager it will have a 5 megapixel camera.

Don’t you just love rumors?

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