World of Warcraft Millionaire Gold Guide Review

But all is not lost. There are plenty of tricks that players can use to supercharge their gold harvesting. In fact, there are so many tricks that not even veteran players know them all.

It’s fortunate then that some players have invested a lot of time and effort in uncovering all of these secrets and writing them down into guides. One of these guides is Warcraft Millionaire. The author Brad Johnson, has claimed to have made over one million gold spread over several characters.

Certainly an amazing claim.

The first thing to remember is that a lot of these sorts of guides aren’t, to put it frankly, very good. They either skimp on the info, or regurgitate what is already common knowledge. Checking out the Warcraft Millionaire guide put these fears to rest. It’s chock full of information, some 200 pages in total, spread over seven eBooks.

It is chock full of lists, locations, and details of all sorts of methods of making gold in the game. These methods include, but are not limited to, making the most of the auction house, places to grind the gold, and in game drops that are worth a decent amount of gold. A lot of what is in this guide is commonsense, but it’s all wrapped up into a concise well-written package.

And where the Warcraft Millionaire guide comes in even more handy is that it can be used to get the most out of World of Warcraft. Vanity pets, for example, can be sold for a bundle on the AH. However, a lot of players like collecting them. The guide has the locations of many of the vanity pets available in the game. Great for pet collectors.

While I haven’t yet made a million gold using this guide, I have no doubt that it’s quite possible to do so by applying the techniques that Johnson writes about.

This guide should be able to help with that.

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