A Review of PC Games: Red Alert 3 and Football Manager 2009

Many, are the distinct personal computer games with a variety of graphics and genre that are available. Strategic war oriented PC games, such as Red Alert 3 offer up many different levels of the game so, that you may find hours of enjoyment. There is also Football Manager 2009, which in choosing is found to be another very engaging pc game.

An in depth look of the popular PC game Red Alert 3 shows that it was made by franchise, Command and Conquer. The previous game in the series had been released seven years ago and left its very loyal fans in a long wait for the release of the third in the series, Red Alert 3

Red Alert 3 was introduced in October 2008 and has a few surprises for the players. The classic strategic game is a power struggle between The Empire of The Rising Sun, the Soviet Union, and the Allies. It has many exciting new levels, with updated weapons and narration and is an excellent addition to any Command and Conquer collection.

The game has awesome graphics that offers weaponry such as intelligent dolphins, teleportation, and tanks that can transform. Red Alert 3 also has many television and movie stars to help with the almost comical narration and characters. Celebrities such as Tim Curry (plays the premier of Russia) and Jenny McCarthy who is seen packing a huge toy gun in one of the scenes in the game.

A review of Football Manager 2009 is found to have added lots of content and offers many new options and features one can choose. The player of the game will notice the extreme 3D match engine that has been enhanced in such a way, that the player will have a hard time believing the game’s play. All this added and enhanced extras in the game have fans excited and waiting ffor Football Manager this year.

Although there are many exciting features to talk about in Football Manager, I can’t release them all. I will give you this one however; you will find the addition of both old and new players. The football players themselves have been updated as well. There are definitely many possible winning combinations of football players, coaches and championships with this one.

When looking for a new game for the personal computer, Red Alert 3 and Football Manager 2009 make two of the best choices. Both games will excite and amuse the player for hours with added features and some familiar faces of television, movies and many sports icons.

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