Motorola preparing A1210, another blast from the past

Across the ocean in a land far, far away, the Motorola A1200 “Ming” was a pretty big hit for Moto back in 2006. So what happens when Moto has a hit on its hands? Exactly. iDNES has seemingly managed to get its collective hands on a round of mockups and preliminary specs for the upcoming Ming sequel, the A1210. The design of the handset is unmistakably Ming, as is the Linux OS and the transparent flip. Other reported specs include a slightly beefed up 2.8-inch 240×400 TFT touchscreen, 3.1 megapixel camera, FM radio, Bluetooth, 64MB of internal memory, a microSD slot and a TI OMAP850 processor under the hood. Dimensions are said to be 102 x 53.8 x 20.5 mm, slightly bigger than the A1200 which came in at 95.7 x 51.7 x 21.5 mm. The Ming was imported into the US pretty often but if this report pans out, lack of the 850 MHz GSM band will surely keep it abroad for the most part. Then again, maybe Moto has a US version in mind. Either way, the handset lacks 3G and, well, we like 3G. Hit the jump for a few more shots of the back and sides of the handset.

[Via Unwired View]


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