Samsung announces N310 “premium netbook”

When Dell first revealed to the world it would be introducing a premium laptop line dubbed Adamo, we had pretty high expectations. Metal cases, lightning-fast processors supported by gobs of RAM and so on. When the announcement of Dell’s first Adamo laptop finally came, we have to say we were a bit underwhelmed — the premium price tag and fantastic build both are there, but the specs are basically on par with a laptop circa 2002. Next up, Samsung’s new “premium netbook” announced this morning. Gearing up for a global release including North America, the N310 weighs in at just 2.71 pounds and sports an Intel Atom processor of unknown speed. Notables include a 10.1-inch LCD display, 160GB hard drive, 5 hours of battery life, integrated 802.11b/g and Bluetooth with optional HSPA and WiBro, 1.3 megapixel webcam, three USB ports and a case design that only a mother could love. Yep… Sounds like a netbook. So this leads us to the question, has the term “premium” completely lost its meaning in the tech world as it has elsewhere? Perhaps it’s just another marketing term now as it is within other industries. We just hope Samsung doesn’t announce the freshly-leaked U490 as the “Trance Premium”.

[Via I4U]


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