Wii sales continue to defy gravity as gaming industry grows 10 percent in February

We suppose the continuing upward trend in the video game industry shouldn’t be a surprise to us anymore but we can’t help it… Will someone tell these guys about the recession? They’re clearly still in the dark here because console and game sales are still through the roof — climbing 10% over January to $733.5 million — while nearly every other industry is on the brink of collapsing. But forget all that for the time being; February was yet another month that saw gaming sales soar further into the black. Nintendo lead the console pack of course, pushing out 753,000 units according to the NPD Group’s numbers — 73,000 more than it sold in January. Sheesh. There is a bit of a twist in this month’s numbers however: The top selling game of the month actually wasn’t a Wii title! You guessed it, Street Fighter IV topped game title sales with 849,000 copies combined (Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3) and Wii Fit slipped into the number two slot with 644,000 copies sold. Bottom line: if you’re getting ready to graduate high school in the next few months and head off to college, we hope you picked a school with good CS/digital entertainment/etc programs.


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