LG Neon gets previewed on its way to AT&T

Mobile World Congress might not be for another couple of weeks but that doesn’t mean we have to wait to see some new handsets work their way out through the cracks, or leaks as it were. Here we have another glimpse at a new handset, this time on its way to the US courtesy of LG and AT&T. No, it’s not the sexiest gear in the room, but you can expect the LG Neon to be the envy of tween texters across the country. Start with a painful color palette, mix in some QWERTY slider, add one 2.4″ touchscreen and you’ve got yourself a handset that can woo a 14-year-old girl like it was Justin Timberlake. Release timing and pricing are still a mystery at this point but expect it to be priced well enough for parents of tween girls to give in after a few days of incessant begging.


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