Firefox Mobile for Windows Mobile gets previewed, early release build imminent

Ok, we’ve got good news and we’ve got bad news. First the good news: it looks like Mozilla is on track to push out a very early alpha build of Fennec, Firefox Mobile, for Windows Mobile. Now the bad news: Just as with early builds for Nokia internet tablets, this build looks pretty unusable. It doesn’t look anywhere near as slow and unstable as the tablet version when it first popped up but it’s definitely not in any state ready for prolonged usage. In fact, we should probably consider it a proof of concept. For the time being it’s look but no touch but Pocketnow provides a pretty thorough preview video to give you a taste of the app in its current state. In all likelihood this is a pretty good indication that Mozilla is on track for an alpha release very soon, as was reported last week. Are you guys as excited as we are to see Firefox make its was through Nokia tablets and onto mobile phones?


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