Keyword Selection and Placement Tips

A big part of successful search engine marketing is search engine placement (where your web page fall in the search engine results). Keyword selection and placement is a major factor in on page Search engine optimization and search engine marketing but whenever new businesses are trying to get their web page noticed and show up higher in the search engine results pages they often focus just on what there site looks like instead of also utilizing SEO strategies help get there web site to come up in the search engines. Here is one easy ways that you can improve your search engine placement results to increase your web page traffic and your sales.

Keyword selection is very important so choose carefully. Keywords are the driving force behind successful search engine marketing and search engine optimization. Your search engine ranking and ultimately how many people read your website depend on the keywords or key phrases that you choose. So pick carefully. When you’re trying to decide what keyword or key phrase to focus your search engine optimization on you should start with the most basic search term that a person would be likely to use when trying to find a web page about your product or service. So for example if you are selling refrigerator magnets on your website when it’s time to pick the keywords that you want to use for search engine marketing what are the first words that come into your mind? Did you think of words like “kitchen refrigerator magnets” or “funny refrigerator magnets” or even “cartoon refrigerator magnets”?

Use those words as your primary keywords because chances are good that if those were the first words that you thought of in relation to your product those will be the first words that other people think of when they are searching for your product. When you are choosing keywords for your search engine marketing campaign always use more than one word. If you only have one keyword then you will get ranked very low on the search engine results page because the search engine spiders will have millions of webpage in their indexes that have that word somewhere in the page. The more specific you can make the keywords or key phrase the more likely it is that your search engine marketing and search engine optimization efforts will pay off and bring in customers that are looking for exactly the product that you are selling.

Make sure that you position your keywords carefully. Using your keywords spread through the page. I suggest using your main keyword phrase in your first and last paragraph of your content. And don’t forget to us them in the headings and in the hidden html meta tags on the page especially the “title tag”. It will make it more likely that the search engine spiders will rank your web page higher than other pages that might have some of the same content but don’t have those keywords or key phrases placed properly on the web page.

Search engine marketing is great because it delivers people who are actively searching for what you have. Unless you employ some search engine optimization strategies like keyword placement, your site may never be found by those who desperately need what you have.

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