What Expensive Video Production Companies Don’t Want You to Know

Video marketing has forged into the Internet and revolutionized the way people practice their marketing efforts. This means success for many people and a downfall for others. The biggest companies suffering are the expensive video companies because people have realized they can find what they offer elsewhere or even make it themselves.

Video production companies want you to think they are the only ones out there who can provide what you need when it comes to video marketing. There are many things they try hard not to share with the customer so the customer doesn’t go elsewhere. Here are six things that an expensive video production company does not want you to know.

1. Video production companies don’t want you to know about hosting companies who can store these large files online for you. They like to be the holder of videos and charge for making any additional copies being made and more.

2. A video ad marketing campaign requires a good camera to do the job. These cameras are not required or only held by expensive companies but can be rented at local camera shops for a small percentage of what you would pay the company.

3. There are cheap editing packages out there you can find to edit your videos for free or even at a very low cost. Most production companies will tell you their editing software for video marketing is the only software that can be used for the best results in quality and to increase website traffic.

4. They also don’t want you to know that your video is compatible with other platforms and sites. You can make your own videos that will have the same compatibilities as a production company for your video marketing needs.

5. One of the major costs of a video marketing production company is usually the costs of marketing. They do not want you to know about all of the free ways you can market your videos online yourself.

6. The number one thing a video marketing or production company that is expensive does not want you to know is how easy it really is to make your own videos. These companies are suffering now because of all of the people practicing making their own videos and they need as many people who don’t know how to make them not to find out.

There are many reasons why video marketing companies want to withhold information about videos. Many of these businesses have been put out of business with people making their own videos today. The things a business doesn’t want you to know about video ad marketing include how easy it is, camera rentals, cheap editing and marketing, and more.

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