The Purpose of Keyword Strategy

The goal of your keyword strategy is to get the best total quality return on your investment. If that sounds like a mouthful, it’s because there’s more involved here than just how many people visit your site.

If someone finds your site in search results, but they’re looking for something else, you didn’t do yourself any good. It’s far better to get 50 visitors who want what you have, than to get 1000 people who leave before the first page finishes loading. What your web site needs, more than anything, is targeted traffic.

Understanding keyword strategy begins with knowing how people search. For any given topic, there are literally thousands of ways that people will select a keyword or phrase when using a search engine. The more different keywords and phrases your site “ranks” on (in the top 10 listings on the search results), the more often it will show up when a member of your target audience conducts a search.

Every time your site appears in the search results, there’s a chance your site will be visited. Obviously, the higher your site ranks, the better your chance for success. Ranking is very important, especially when you’re in the top ten. But the difference between #1 and #3 is not as significant. What matters most, once your site appears in the search results, is whether your title and description match what that particular web surfer is looking for.

The total formula, then, involves how many keyword phrases your site can rank well on, how high your site ranks for each of those searches, combined with how relevant and enticing your page titles and descriptions are. Obviously, then, increasing the number of keyword phrases your site covers will often deliver far better results than trying to rank well on one extremely competitive keyword.

The best part of this, from our perspective, is that increasing the number of keywords actually helps you target the right audience. This only makes sense – a #1 ranking for “real estate,” even if you could achieve it, only attracts a very general audience. A #1 ranking for “Dallas TX condos” and related phrases is much easier to attain, and far more targeted.

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